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  • Unlimited Yoga Classes
  • Free Chakra Soy Candle (upon your next visit)
  • 20% off Massage or Reiki Sessions during your membership (unlimited)
  • $111 Auto-Debit for 12 months

60% savings off each class

$5 off a single drop-in yoga class


Yoga Community

My BodYoga's vision strives to build a strong (Sangha)community of health and wellness enthusiasts as we teach with compassion and a joy of enriching lives through INSPIRING students to embody the higher self towards a purposed filled life. We experience our heart and soul space in a profound way as we become light filled and our vibration begins to climb through the physical, mental, emotional, energetic layers of our being. The practice of (Seva) service in daily life opens up the pathways for kindness to grow and gratitude to overflow leaving less space for the mind to be busy or burdened. Ultimately We offer the practice (Sādhanā) that supports you in the journey to a harmonious experience as you learn how to meditate through movement and stillness building flexibility, strength, coordination. The mind develops an awareness to the soul’s whisper to let go of patterns within the mind and body that no longer serve as you develop freedom of self to live your best life forward. A path to personal development and growth emerges with wisdom and aspiration as you embody practices that integrate body, life, mind, heart and soul.

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